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Bar Crawls

A Bar crawl is a rite of passage for any Stag or Hen weekend traditionally held on the first ni

A Bar crawl is a rite of passage for any Stag or Hen weekend traditionally held on the first night as it should be the most memorable and you only get one chance to get it right. There will be hundreds of bars and Nightclubs all over the city or resort you’re in so knowing where to go and which night venues to choose from can be tricky you might feel a little out of your depth. Imagine you have all checked in to your Hotel and everyone is looking at the Best Man or maid of honour and asking the question “ right where do we go now “ with a guided bar crawl on your weekend you can assure yourselves this won’t be the question you’ll be asking.Bar-crawl-1-240-x-156

A guided bar crawl is the safest and most exciting way to explore your new surroundings your guides will lead you on a journey to handpicked bars and clubs you’ll start with a spring in your step and then as the pints continue to flow and the drinking games start being chased down by evil shots you will begin to crawl probably ending up on your hands and knees begging to be let into the club.  You will meet people from all over the world it will be a night you won’t remember with people you won’t forget!

Bar crawls are not anything new although they have changed allot over the years. The first mention of a bar crawl dates all the way back in 1915 in London were they were called “Gin crawl”, “beer crawl” and strangely “the bohemian death march” were a drinking session that moves from one licensed premises to the next and so on however since then they have got bigger and better all over the world.Bar-crawl-2-240-x-156

The World’s biggest bar crawl is held annually in Marlborough, Queensland Australia and holds the Guinness World Record for the largest bar Crawl with 4,718 participants visiting more than 34 bars. Other notable bar crawls are the Running a tab pub run which is held every month in San Antonio Texas USA it covers 5 miles visiting more than 20 bars from the iconic sunset station to the blue star Brewery. Over 500 participants take place every month and almost everyone is in fancy dress. And Cardiff Wales is famous for the Tonypandy Bar crawl which is the first in the world to make use of public transport as a means of navigating establishments.

The Uk has some of the most notorious Bar Crawls from Newquay to Newcastle with a large company called Carnage who ask the university students to buy a t shirt for a tenner, then this is there ticket for the crawl. The carnage crawl takes place simultaneously in about 20 cities on the same night each month. It can have up to twenty thousand people all out on the same night but as they are in different places then it doesn’t count as the world’s biggest.Bar-crawl-3-240-x-156

A lot of European destinations now run bar crawls as an ongoing business and certainly take the games to another level. In resorts like Magaluf and Benidorm contestants in games will be naked performing sex games and humiliating themselves.

In Benidorm check one out called just f**k it where for about 15 euros you will get a tshirt, a wristband and an hours free bar. This also entitles you to go on as many bar crawls as you like. It runs 7 nights a week and is the biggest in the resort.

In Magaluf you will find the biggest one is called Carnage and would have up to 600 people a night on their crawls. When they get to their last bar at midnight they would include 4 hours non stop free bar.

The main feature of the bar crawl would be the free shots, party games or free drinks. The general idea would be for participants to come with an open mind and be prepared to drink more alcohol than they would normally drink.

Prices of bar crawls vary from resort to resort but the average would be anything from 15 euros to about 40 euros depending what would be included.Bar-crawl-4-240-x-156

If you are up for a laugh and can handle your drink then do some research before you head abroad as most lively resorts will have a bar crawl running.