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Benidorm Booze Cruise

Benidorm Booze CruisePackage Includes :

Central Accommodation

Benidorm Booze Cruise

Benidorm Bar Crawl

Return Transfers from £109

V.I.P Lap club

Benidorm Accommodation

To most this is just somewhere to rest your head after a great night out, get changed and get back out. This is why we offer an extensive range of accommodation, ranging from apartments up to 5*Hotels and all inclusive. Benidorm Booze CruiseOf course this is all down to what budget you have and how important accommodation is to you. As your on a Benidorm booze cruise party weekend, most people are not fussy about where they stay because most of your weekend will be out propping up bars and making yourselves heard, plus swimming in the crystal waters whilst on your Benidorm booze cruise. So the best option is always self catering apartments somewhere to shower, change and sleep. And spend most of your time out and about amongst the beaches and thousands of bars Benidorm has to offer. With cheap food and drink all over Benidorm you don’t need to stay in an all inclusive hotel. But this isn’t everyone’s taste so that’s why we have the range we have, so everybody is happy. If you and your party are more of a relaxing chill out type of group then we have that covered to from 3* to 5* hotels. But this is all down to taste and most importantly your budget between your group. As it is Benidorm which has all-sorts to offer, you really do need to be out and about to grasp it all.

All apartments and hotels are clean and comfortable, all with their own swimming pools, bars and 24hr receptions.

Benidorm Booze  Cruise

There couldn’t be anything more relaxing than being in the middle of the Med on a catamaran with an ice cold beverage in hand, sunglasses on and the speakers blasting out some top tunes. Aboard the catamaran for 2 and a half hours this afternoon Benidorm booze cruise is a sure fire way to cane the bar and have a load of beer before the night ahead. Benidorm Booze CruiseYou get unlimited beer and sangria included in your 2 and a half hour Benidorm booze cruise cruise. Then the reps will be pumping some top tunes and starting some proper party games. The boat holds about 120 people so there will be plenty of room for your stag group.

You will be picked up from a pre party bar about 3pm and taken to Altea port. Once on-board the 22 meter catamaran, there are great on-board facilities. Nets ideal for sunbathing, undercover and outdoor seating, toilets and yes there’s a bar, where you can make the most of all the free drinks you want . They will drop anchor in a great location offshore near some stunning coastline views.

This is where you can dive straight into the refreshing crystal clear waters, take a cool off swim or try some snorkelling. A top day out for any Stag party, you really cant beat the Benidorm booze cruise.

Note :- The Benidorm booze cruise only runs on Fridays.

Benidorm Bar Crawl

Here you are in the party capital of Europe ready to party like there’s no tomorrow. Well we have your first night all mapped out for you, so need to worry or argue what to do. Benidorm Booze CruiseLet us do that for you. We will get your weekend off to a blinding start and when I say ‘blinding’ you may just not be able to see by the end of the night, this all depends if you can keep up with the Benidorm pace. The Benidorm Bar Crawl starts at 9pm, and take you on the wildest bar crawl you have ever been on. With this resort there are many many bars to choice from and go to, so we have finely selected a good ample of these bars to take you to, these will be the most busiest and liveliest of them all and getting you to each one at the best times, we will get you all a free quality shot in each bar. Playing drinking games in them all, and ready to hit the rest of the night hard. If you’re still ready for more we’ll take you to the disco club, this will be the final stop where you can party and dance till 7am, however dont forget to make it for your Benidorm booze cruise!  Have you got what it takes?

Private Airport Transfers

So you’ve done most of your travelling now, just that last stretch to get where you want to be. You’re sick and tired of travelling and just want to get there, so this is the easy part now. Benidorm Booze CruiseGet off the plane grab your bag and head down to arrivals where a pleasant driver will be waiting for you with a smile and a board with your name on it ready for you to start your Benidorm booze cruise package. So instead of getting through the hustle and bustle of finding your coach this is already done for you. This is your very own very comfortable private coach, just you and your friends sitting back and relaxing to Benidorm. So while everyone is waiting for their shared transfer coaches not knowing how long it’s going to take them to get to Benidorm by the time their coaches are full and dropped everyone off, You can sit back, smile and wave out of the window, as you will be there way before them with a drink in your hand soaking up the sun. And this will be the same on route home, if you’re a little hung-over from your last night out last thing you want is to be sat on a coach picking up from all over before even getting on the motorway. You’ll be collected from your hotel and straight there, where you can catch up on some much needed sleep after your Benidorm booze cruise weekend.