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Benidorm Theme Park Package

benidorm theme parkPackage Includes :

Central Accommodation

Benidorm Theme Park Entry

Benidorm Bar Crawl

V.I.P Lapclub

Return Transfers from £99

Benidorm Accommodation

All our accommodation is centrally located and close to all amenities, night life and beaches, you don’t want to be spending all your time strolling around looking for the nearest shops and bars. benidorm theme park You will be situated right in the heart of it all for your Benidorm theme park weekend. So no waiting for taxi’s to get home, when you can quite literally fall into your reception from a night out. Benidorm has the best entertainment in Europe with lots to offer for all, and boasts over 2000 clubs and bars to get through, so this is why we locate you in the heart of Benidorm so you won’t miss a thing.

With our accommodation we can offer from apartments to 5* all inclusive hotels, this is up to you to decide which is going to be the best option for you based on your budget and how important the accommodation is to you for your Benidorm theme park package. As you are here for a party weekend most groups choose apartments as this is just a base point for showering, getting changed and sleeping. You will be wanting to spend more time out in Benidorm with the cleanest beaches in Europe and all the entertainment you could want and more with 300 days of sunshine. So looking at your budget you can decide which is the right accommodation for you. We guarantee which ever you choose they will be clean, centrally located with have their own swimming pools, bars and 24hr receptions. These can all be offered from a minimum of 2 nights and up with the Benidorm theme park package.

Benidorm theme park (Terra Mitica)

Terra Mitica which translates as ‘Mythical Land’ and that it is. It is set back in the mountains hidden within palm trees looking over Benidorms coast line. benidorm theme park This is the Benidorm theme park’s answer to Alton Towers. This is an adrenalin fuelled fun day out taking you from one extreme to another. With such a wide variety of rides for all, from the tamest of people to the most fearless, these rides will test you physically and mentally. It boast over 50 rides and attractions, which are all set in styles of different countries along the Mediterranean shores including; Egypt, Greece, Rome and The Islands. These rides will test your nerves from looping roller coasters going over 60mph firing you into loops, twists and turns, leaving you breathless, and if that gets too much for you and you feel a sweat coming on at the Benidorm theme park,  go and cool off with a choice of log flumes to soak you through, you will feel like a winner.

 Or dare to take the plunge on ‘the flight of the phoenix’ get taken up 150ft and take in some amazing views of the Costa Blanca, before plummeting back down to Earth not knowing if it’s going to stop. But the excitement and adrenalin doesn’t stop there, Terra Mitica also has some fantastic shows going on throughout the day, all day, with an excellent Pirate show, watch pirates blow ships up and make their captives walk the plank to their certain deaths with a spectacular show of acrobatics. Even take a walk through ‘The Pyramid of Terror’ if you dare. And you don’t want to miss the Barbarians scouring the streets of Terra Mitica you will feel like you are part of an invasion war of Rome. Do you have what it takes to conquer the Benidorm theme park…..TERRA MITICA!!

Benidorm Bar Crawl

So you’ve touched down in the land of anything goes. You’ve unpacked had a look round been to the beach and soaked some sun up to look good for your first night out. Let us take care of the rest.benidorm theme park’Welcome to your first night in the dorm’ it is law that the first night should never be forgotten. This will be the most memorable night of the weekend, you only get one chance. So let us be in charge in getting it right by taking you on a guided bar crawl, which will take you to the very best and liveliest bars in town, with there being over 2000 bars in town this is the only way to be in the right ones at the right times.

To get you all in the mood and ready for the night, you will get a quality free shot in every bar we go to, you’ll soon be in the swing of things are ready to take Benidorm by storm. There will be crazy games going on in every bar.

We spend around 60 minutes in each bar so you can really let your hair down.  Our final stop will be one of the best disco bars in Benidorm.  This will be your final drop off where you can party hard until 7am!! but dont go too heavy if you have the Benidorm theme park the next day.

Private Airport Transfers

Your plane has landed and you’ve got your luggage and making your way to arrivals, you now have the obstacle of getting into Benidorm and with the language barrier this can prove difficult. benidorm theme parkYou could end up jumping in a taxi and paying way over the odds to get into Benidorm as you won’t know what the taxi driver is telling you. Or you could end up on a cramped shuttle bus and going round the whole of Benidorm before it finally arrives at your hotel. So to avoid all the hanging around and sitting on a shuttle coach for hours, when your only here for the weekend and you wanna get to your hotel as soon as possible. We offer a private transfer just for you and your group so straight off the plane onto your own private coach, direct to your hotel. And vice versa.

There will be a driver there waiting for you with a sign which has the lead name of your party on it. So you can all board and get on your way to your hotel to start your weekend an hour before everyone else on your plane. This is by far the best way to travel to resort and back.

When it’s time to go home you will get the same speedy and efficient service and you’ll generally be notified in resort of your pick up time.