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The english square benidorm

Anyone that has ever been to Benidorm will know of The Square.  Every party resort has a name

Anyone that has ever been to Benidorm will know of The Square.  Every party resort has a name for the area with a large concentration of bar and clubs, for example in Magaluf it’s called The Strip.  In Rhodes its bar street and club street, in Tenerife its Veronicas and in Ibiza it’s the west end.Bahamas-240-x-156

The square in Benidorm isn’t so much of a square rather a pedestrian street with bars either side and 2 Spanish elderly brothers own the majority of the bars there.  How they acquired such a profitable location all boils down to the fact that they had older siblings!!  How’s this?  You may ask, well years ago when families owned land the older children we´re passed down the most profitable land which was the agricultural areas mainly all inland where they produced olives and fruit and the younger children were given land closer to the sea where there wasn’t much going on until the building and tourism boom of the 1960´s in Benidorm. The land closer to the sea was deemed as worthless and no good for farming. However years later these two entrepreneurs have cleaned up and own virtually all of the bars in the main square including, champions, hippodrome, Bahamas, beachcombers, loch ness, sandras, celtic tavern, red lion, broadway and probably a few others along the way.

The main square is closed during the day and people tend to head to the beachfront for drinks but the square comes to life around 9pm at night. Some of the bars in the square are open until 8am and even then you can probably find somewhere to get a drink.beachcombers-240-x-156

One of the most famous bars on the square is called “cafe Benidorm”. This is a legendary bar and tends to attract an older crowd up for a good time. The place is huge and puts on some great live acts early into the night up until about midnight. Then the DJ cranks up the tunes which is usually a mixture of 70s, motown, funk and 80s music. The atmosphere in there is brilliant and everyone is up for a laugh.

Champions is also one of the main bars at the top of the english square benidorm. It is a huge place and if you head there between march and September on a weekend night the place is heaving with stag and hen parties. In May and June you could expect around 600 people in there with many of them in fancy dress outfits. One of the main attractions is the massive terrace where from an elevated position you can do a bit of people watching. Another popular part of champions is the bucking bronco attraction which you can ride for around 4 euros. A very popular activity with stag and hen parties.

Most bars on the square have staff (props) outside who’s job is to try and get you into their bar. They tempt you in with special offers and free shots and it is always worth haggling with them for some extra shots or maybe some champagne for a hen party.champions-240-x-156

Further down the square there is a popular dance club called beachcombers. A well established british DJ known as Rsuty has the floor heaving every night with a mixture of dance, garage and chart music.

On the square you will also find eateries such as the chippy and the Chinese. Most people head for some food later in the night as they get peckish.

It is a place like no other and you will be guaranteed to see some funny sights whilst there. Dont be too surprised to see stags or hens half naked or fast asleep on the round seating benches known as the donuts. Apart from beachcombers which is more for the serious dancers, all of the bars have terraces so smokers don’t feel left out. They can happily smoke away on the numerous terraces on offer. The square if a firm favourite in the summer months and seems to be the place to hang out during the night. On the outskirts of Benidorm there are some very large clubs like ku, km, pacha and the likes. But these tend to be more geared up to a Spanish crowd and play more Spanish music. For that reason it is all brits on the square.