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My first week as a stag and hen rep…part one

My first week as a stag and hen rep. Part one…   It had been a few years since I donned

My first week as a stag and hen rep. Part one…


It had been a few years since I donned the badge and walked bar crawls down the street, however when the opportunity to relive my youth presented itself,there really was no hesitation.

So here I was, older, wiser – well maybe not – raring to go as a stag and hen rep. It was such a relief to work with people who are passionate about the jobs they do and practiced in the art of taking the Mick at every opportunity. Any slip of the tongue or mishap is launched upon instantly. This is fantastic!rep-2-240-x-156


Being new to resort, one of my first tasks was to do the obligatory resort ramble, I mean how else am I to walk all these stag and hen parties around?. Armed with my trusty map, my boss ‘helped’ me by giving me the order to do them. He’s been here 15 years that should help. This was stitch up number one, and I must have walked 20k and as you may well know, Benidorm is not the flattest resort. However now fully au-fait with the locations of hotels, apartments and importantly the bars I felt comfortable with my knowledge, if a little tired. Tiredness, however, is for wimps. Not for stag and hen party reps.


So as the first arrival of stags and hens were approaching, a last check over my notes and prepared the welcome packs. These have all the essentials,  such as in resort essentials, tickets for pre booked excursions, wristbands for the lapdance clubs, contact cards with the accommodation name on them or érr´cards as I like to call them, and finally the pick-up time for the return transfer to the airport. Each pack is individual to the group of stags and hens arriving to add that personal touch.


So arrival day was upon us and we had a group of 11 hens. All Yorkshire lasses. All wearing novelty sunglasses. Quick introduction to the resort and accommodation and insight into what they can expect whilst on a hen weekend with us. Whilst the hen was checking in I gathered some of the rest together to get some information for a party trick… more on that to come. I then agreed to meet them at 8.00 in the bar for pre crawl drinks.


Quick turn around and out to meet the hens. Sat in the hotel bar having a few drinks and I started my party trick of ´palm reading´. I grabbed the hens palm and began telling her all sorts of information about her life, children’s names, pets names, husband to be… the rest of the group played along famously with this, making shock gasping noises every time I identified another snippet of fact. By now the hen was in shock and close to tears, so I had to come clean… roars of laughter and profanities ensued. Ice broken, so we headed off into town.


Drinks purchased and off onto the dance floor to cut a rug for the next hour. In the second bar we played ´go fetch´, where the hens had to go and fetch certain items, lipstick, money – my shirt… hold on! That wasn´t in the contract.


This was a recurring theme, dancing and games for the rest of the evening until it was bail out time. Well I did have 24 stags arriving the next day…


Bright and early I popped my head into the accommodation and made sure they weren´t too hungover… well ten out of 11 wasn´t too bad.


All arrived back at their accommodation safe and sound, although one of the hens never made it out of bed that day… at all!


A hectic 24 hours and the stag weekend benidorm haven´t arrived yet.


That’s in part 2…