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Lap Dancing clubs – Past and Present

The Lap dancing clubs is now a fundamental part of a Stag Weekend these days. Whether you’re

The Lap dancing clubs is now a fundamental part of a Stag Weekend these days. Whether you’re travelling abroad or staying in the UK there is no shortage of venues!

The strip clubs we have come to know today are a far cry from their predecessors in the late 19th century. European establishments like the Moulin Rouge and Folies Bergere featured attractive scantily clad dancers performing on stage for their patrons. In the early 20th Century, 1905, a Dutch dancer by the name of Mata Hari became an overnight success after performing her debut act. The stand out section of her performance was her removing her clothing until she was on stage in a bejewelled bra and ornaments covering her arms and head. Then in 1907 and actress by the name Germaine Aymos took things a step further and when she appeared on stage at the Moulin Rouge in only 3 small shells to protect her modesty. In the 1930’s dancers were starting to perform semi nude on stage dressed in sequins and feathers whilst performing choreographed routines. By the time the 60’s came around it was fully expected to go to venues and see fully nude shows.Lap-club-1-small-240-x-156

It was the 1930’s in Britain when nude shows started to appear in London but laws meant that naked girls were prohibited from moving. To get around this they would tie ropes to body parts attached to devices designed to move their bodies around for them meaning they stayed within the letter of the law. Another way they got around this was to perform the fan dance, where they would conceal themselves with their own and their attendant’s fans whilst performing a routine on stage. At the end they would drop the fans and remain absolutely still for the finale posing naked. In the 40’s and into the 50’s dance companies were taking groups of girls on tours of the UK performing in dying music halls to attract new business. Paul Raymond opened the first members only private striptease club in Britain in 1958 after success touring the UK with his group of girls since 1951. He took over the old Doric Ballroom in Soho and opened the Raymond Revue bar.Lap-club-2-small-240-x-156

It was the 1960’s when the law was official changed and the Strip Clubs we know today started to appear and Soho with a boom. Fully nude dancing and audience participation was now accustom in the East End of London. In strip clubs and some pubs, girls would wonder through the audience with a pint glass and collect money from the patrons before performing a routine on stage and going fully nude.

In today’s the more modern clubs girls will perform on stage whilst patrons will put fake bank notes that they have previously purchased from the club into the girls underwear or throw it to them whilst they perform. Private sections of the clubs are also set out so that more raunchy dances can take place on a one to one basis. Usually taking around 5 minutes the girls will strip down fully naked in a private booth with a strict no touching policy and the more you pay the longer the tease will go on!lap-club-3-small-240-x-156

If you’re travelling abroad for a Stag Weekend nearly every destination you travel too has a number of strip clubs to frequent. In fact Barcelona is the only major Stag destination in Spain that actually has no official Strip Clubs. They call them Puta Clubs and they are actually brothels! In Benidorm, right up until 2007 there were no official strip clubs just Puta Clubs, until Top Show opened up in the centre of Benidorms nightlife area near the Levante beach. Since then several more have come and gone with the most popular for Stag’s visiting the resort, Stripfellas. Here you can also get the Stag stitched up on stage by one of the girls. Eastern Europe is famous for its attractive women and strip clubs are not in short supply and Amsterdam has to be the most famous destination of all for strippers and sex shows. In Magaluf you can pay for one of the girls to play pool with you topless!

Nowadays you don’t even have to go to a Lap dancing clubs to see a stripper. It’s common now for groups to hire a private stripper to perform after they’ve been for a group dinner. You can hire a limo to pick you up from the airport with stripper inside to perform on the journey to your accommodation. In some Eastern European destinations like Budapest you can hire strippers to pretend to hitchhike on the side of the road for the coach to pick up and surprise the Stag or even a fake cleaner to come to the room a pretend to clean before performing her show. And in Benidorm it’s quite standard for you to walk into a normal bar in town on a night out and there could be a stripper on stage performing to the crowd.Lap-club-4-small-240-x-156

Strip clubs and strippers are now a normal part of any Stag Weekend and don’t let the Hen’s tell you it’s wrong, because we get more Hen’s booking private strippers these days than Stag’s! So don’t be shy, give it a try, at least once!