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Smashed Bar Crawl Benidorm

Whilst on a stag or Hen weekend in Benidorm the Smashed Bar Crawl Benidorm is something that al

Whilst on a stag or Hen weekend in Benidorm the Smashed Bar Crawl Benidorm is something that all groups should take part in. Sometimes it is included within your package or alternatively you can book it in the resort for around £15 per person. Of course you can do your own thing and head around a few bars with your mates but an organised bar crawl can really enhance the night out. Firstly it takes the pressure off the best man / bridesmaids to ensure that you go to good bars. There is no worse feeling than dragging your 20 mates into a bar to see that it is half empty or there is line dancing on. The crowd start giving you stick and you are left trying to find a quick alternative to save your embarrassment.Bar-crawl-4-240-x-156

This wouldn’t happen on an organised bar crawl. Group bar crawls usually meet up around 9pm in a central bar where they have staff on the door in branded uniforms ready to take your tickets. The group bar crawls are run by reps and have a fun and lively bunch of staff who are paid to make sure that you have a good night. Bar crawls would normally have a minimum of about 50 people on them but in the livelier months it could be as many as 200 people. Everyone is there for a good night and it doesn’t take long for the fun to begin.

The smashed bar crawl Benidorm is notorious for encouraging lots of drinking and party games. Most bar crawls spend an hour in each bar and then finish in a nightclub. The smashed bar crawl also uses a foam party two nights a week.  Friday and Saturday are usually the busiest nights as they get a lot of stag and hen parties on them. In each bar you will get a shot on entry. Okay, it may not be tequila or jagermeister but it is still free alcohol and will help you get merry throughout the night.Bar-crawl-3-240-x-156

In each bar the reps will normally do a party game of some description. This will involve unsuspecting members of the crowd. At this point it is always a great idea to point out the stag or the hen to the reps to ensure that they get them involved. They can normally tell who they are if they are wearing a tiara or a mankini. The games can involve taking clothes off, swapping clothes, passing ice cubes from mouth to mouth, drinking a pint through a bong or even musical chairs with a difference. The games are there to enhance the evening. Obviously the stag or hen do not have to take part if they really don’t want to, but the games are fairly mild and will not dent their pride too much.

One of the great things about going on the smashed bar crawl is that by having the reps there, they will hopefully try their best to keep your group together. If you have a large group of maybe 20 or more people. It is quite hard work keeping your group together. This is where the reps really earn their money. Once the group start getting drunk it becomes quite difficult.Bar-crawl-2-240-x-156

It is a great help if you all dress up in the same shirts or outfits for the bar crawl. It is easier to round up the stragglers from bar to bar. If any of the group consume too much booze and need to go home. The reps are always on hand and can call a taxi if needed. Do be aware that if you are really really drunk then some taxis may refuse to take you in their car as they fear that you may be sick. At this stage you may be forced to grab a couple of your group and pretty much carry your friend home. Make sure they drink plenty of water before going to bed.

One top tip for the smashed bar crawl Benidorm  is to not drink too much during the day of the crawl. It just won’t help you last the night. Benidorms main bars are open until 8am and having to go home at midnight because you are slaughtered won’t help you out at all.Bar-crawl-1-240-x-156

The bar crawls will always lose a few drunks along the way as the night goes on. The pub crawls would normally go on until about 3am and reps will be with you for the whole night. For any stag or hen weekend we would always recommend this on your first night. Once you have been on the bar crawl you will have got your bearings of the town and know where the best places are to go back the following night. It’s time to get smashed.