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Being a stag and hen rep in Benidorm – Part 2

The first group of stags arrived. Seven, all in T-shirts with a to-do list on the stag’s. I i

The first group of stags arrived. Seven, all in T-shirts with a to-do list on the stag’s. I informed them that I would assist in getting the list completed. Just as we were checking in the, second group arrived. Mayhem at the reception as we checked them all into their rooms and agreed a meeting time of 8.00pm.


Upon arrival at the hotel bar, I had over 40 hens and stags for the bar crawl. One of the hens who had chosen to join us, had sprained her ankle. Although she was determined to go out so, what was her only option?? That’s it hire a Madge scooter!


So there we were over forty strong, being lead the way by our very own Madge hen and followed by a load of stags. The only way I can describe this is that it´s like herding cats in an acre field!


At the first bar, I helped one of the stags tick one off his list by getting him to down a pint in one! The stag from the other group let it slip that he doesn’t like Baileys… why do that?? Cement mixer it was then. How he kept it down, we will never know. A night of frivolity and laughs ensued and a good night was had by all.


Duties visit the next day and took a camera to snap the hangovers. One of the hens had an issue with boarding passes for the return. I took the details and made a few phonecalls. All resolved so I found them on the beach and gave them the good news. This is the service they get, a stag and hen rep that will go the extra mile – well in this case a couple of kilometers down the beach on a very sunny day. Bumped into the stags in a bar on the beach…Funny that and caught up with the gossip from the previous nights escapades on their stag weekend benidorm, Including on that in a drunken state called his mum to tell her of his shenanigans.


Saturday is usually the day that we leave people to their own devices or sort the ahem entertainment out, however as a thank you for sorting out the boarding pass issues, the hens invited me out with them. Who could resist??


So here I was, in my civvys, leading 11 hens into to town – terrible I know.


Once in town a few drinks were consumed a rug was cut and a few shapes were most definitely thrown. In what seemed like a really good idea at the time, when challenged for the bucking Bronco, I said ooh ok. Little was I aware that all 11 were part of a gym and all Thai boxing nuts. Doomed to failure I was thrown off after about 10 seconds – I’ll leave you to insert the funnys here.


After a few pics and drinks, I said goodnight to the group of hens and headed home as it was departure day the next morning.


Bright and breezy I met the hens for the coach, one last pic and goodbyes were said.


Right now for the stags and make sure they have a good last day. England were playing Wales in the rugby so I arranged to meet them at a local bar for a beer or three to help their stag weekend benidorm.


By the time I had got there, one of the group was sitting, wearing a gimp mask drinking his beer. He wasn’t even the stag!!


By Five O’clock, England had won and the stags were celebrating. I took the easy way out and bailed. Lightweight I know, but I had to ensure these stags were on the coach the next day for the airport.


So seven thirty in the morning, I met the stags and they looked rough… Seriously rough. A quick chat, handshakes were done and it was goodbye. Phew that was the first arrivals.


Only another 20 weeks of the season to go.


Bring it on..