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Sticky Vicky – The real truth

1.Her real name is Maria Victoria Aragues and she is originally from the canary islands. 2.She

1.Her real name is Maria Victoria Aragues and she is originally from the canary islands.

2.She studied ballet for 15 years at the Liceo de Barcelona theatre.After the franco era she was the first ballerina of “the mill” and the main room of the “parallel Barcelona”Sticky-vicky-flyers-240-x-156

3. She then started working alongside a magician and learning her act that she performs to this day.

4. She performs to around 600,000 people every year. To date she has performed to over 8 million people and is extremely famous especially in Spain and the UK. She even got a small part and mention in the ITV sitcom Benidorm where she officially opened the mobility scooter shop.

5. She is now 71 years old and still performs 6 times a night in various bars around the British zone in Benidorm.

6. Her act consists of her going naked right from the start and then strategically revealing items from her vagina like Magic. She calls the show a magic show and I guess in some ways it is.

The makes various items appear such as bunches of flowers, really long lengths of material, a huge pencil, a large candle which she lights, sausages, eggs. Two of her most famous reveals are the ability to make a light bulb light up just by placing the metallic part of the bulb on her vagina. She then makes it flash.Sticky-vicky-header-large-240-x-156

The finale to her show is the ability to open a jagged edge glass bottom from her vagina. This is always the grand finale to her show and usually ends with a soaking wet floor covered in fizzy drink.

7. There is a lot of confusion about her daughter. Everyone says “her daughter does it now”. Yes her daughter demaria does a balancing act but does not go naked and does not reveal items from her vagina.

8. For many years a lot of people thought “Sexy Barbara” was her daughter there are even rumours that sexy Barbara is a man. This was proven to be incorrect when Barbara herself went to the major tour operators and showed her official birth certificate aiming to prevent the scorn that was being spread around town.  Barbara is in fact an impostor who copied her act entirely and then started to put huge banners around time calling herself “the real sticky Vicky”. This caused a lot of hardship to Vicky herself and the matter went to court . Finally in 2009 the court ruled in the favour of sticky Vicky and the other party Barbara has been banned from using her name. Barbara still performs to this day but under the name “sticky star”

9. Yes – she is married to the chief of police. She is still performing to this day and part of her act is revealing 17 actual razor blades from her vagina. This has caused her a few injuries over the years.vicky-small-2-240-x-156

10. She is really small and wrinkled but has had breast surgery.