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A typical Benidorm stag weekend

Running a stag and hen company in Benidorm can be a challenging but fun thing to do. We get to

Running a stag and hen company in Benidorm can be a challenging but fun thing to do. We get to meet thousands of different people every season and there are always some memorable stories on a typical Benidorm stag weekend.

The usual group we meet have had a few drinks on the plane and would be wearing t shirts with logos such as “barrys stag do Benidorm” or something worse. Most groups tend to go for a funny nickname on the back. In most cases the stag is usually the easiest to spot as he is usually wearing some awful outfit like a where’s Wally, a superhero or a wedding dress.Beni-stag-small-1-240-x-156

I remember once meeting a group who were all told that they were going on a fishing trip in Ireland and all had wellies and jumpers packed. Only to find out at the airport that they were heading to Alicante to spend the weekend in the scorching resort of Benidorm.  The first thing they asked was where they could buy shorts and t-shirts as they hadn’t packed any.

There was also another group who turned up at a lad’s workplace and threw him in a van waiting outside. They had planned the whole thing without him knowing. The wife to be had packed his bag and passport but he needn’t have bothered. His mates had a different outfit for every day and night.

Bringing fancy dress for the stag is a great idea and can really enhance the weekend. You do have to be careful though that you don’t spend a fortune on an outfit that the stag will never wear. For example, some stags will never ever put a mankini on so do your research before spending your hard earned cash.

It is also a great idea to get the stag to neck some shots during the weekend. However do try to remember one thing. If you start this too early in the day or go too heavy on the drinks then the stag may not even make it out on the first night. A stag night out without the stag is a bit of a letdown.Beni-stag-small-2-240-x-156

Try to pace yourself during the daytime. We all know that a few drinks during the daytime makes you feel more tired for some reason. A lot of the groups fly out as early as possible to make the most of the Spanish sunshine. However this may mean leaving the house at 3am to get to the airport. This early start can have a negative effect on your energy levels for the night ahead. Also do bear in mind that the bars in the main square are open until 8am so trying to stay awake from 3am the previous morning is a tough call.

A good tip is to remember the name of the hotel that you are staying in. We tend to give all our groups a “lost card” that has the name and address of their hotel. When night time draws in and the beer starts flowing the groups tend to have a bit of memory loss. This little “lost card” can be a life saver. If you don’t have a good memory when drunk then it’s not a bad idea to send yourself a text message with the name of the hotel on it. This could help you out.

Also remember to leave your hotel keys at the reception of your apartments before you go out. If you lose your hotel keys on a night out then the apartment owners will normally charge you around 60 Euros to have the locks changed. So as long as you leave them at reception, this will not happen.beni-stag-small-3-240-x-156

When leaving the bars in the early hours of the morning it is well worth getting one of your mates to head back with you. This will be a wing man who will make sure you get home.

If you are planning to do any activities whilst on your stag weekend in Benidorm. Then make sure they are weather appropriate. For example, paintball in August in Spain can be far too uncomfortable in the Spanish heat with a hangover. A nice relaxing day at the waterpark may be more acceptable to the group. Also you don’t want to do any activities that start too early if you are out until 8am as this will only make you feel worse.

Meal nights are a good idea to get the group together and eat some proper food as opposed to more fast food. It is so important to eat well on a stag doo and drink plenty of water. Even if the lads are giving you stick for it, make sure you do at least one large bottle of water per day.beni-stag-small-4-240-x-156

Whatever you get up to on a typical Benidorm stag weekend. Make it memorable and remember it is all about the Stag, not you. So go with the flow and just ensure that the stag is happy.